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Holly Henley

The elementary school choir's cover of Pharrell williams song "Happy" was so good that I had to watch and listen twice.  These are some remarkably talented young performers especially given their young ages. It is wonderful to see an institution that values music education given the ever increasing emphasis on core subjects.  Keep up the great work!


Patsy Walsh

I am sure you have received millions of comments relating to your children's choir singing 'Happy'.  I would like to say that I am an old lady living in Florida, and I cry every time I hear them singing. The words, the music, the children are one of the most beautiful things in my life, and I share it often. Thank you for what you have given the world. Thank you. God Bless the school and your city.


Jo-Grace Waite

Dear All at DAAS,

the Ellen Degeneres episode with Pharrell Williams and the Amazingly talented Choir from DAAS has just aired in New Zealand.
I have been sitting here with tears streaming down my face!What is it about Detroit?
In the early seventies I discovered my lifelong hero Sixto Rodriguez - (also from the city of Detroit) and today I have just discovered  a whole bunch of awe-inspiring Heros!!!


Ben Jones

Just saw and SO enjoyed you guys video!!! Just marvelous and that's from an ol 55 year old country boy who loves young talent. you are ALL beautiful and keep it up so the wife and I can watch you on T.V. soon as I'm sure we will. Keep smiling everyday!!!!!! Going to play it again now.


Sara Ferris

Dear Detroit Academy of Arts and Sciences,
    I just listened to your marvelous singing on the Huffington Post.
Your talent, your spirit, your happy voices lifted me up and touched my heart.  I am a semi-retired school teacher, and have heard many choirs over the years, but yours was special, really exceptional!
    There is so much bad news in the world, and your singing reminded me to always look for joy in life.  You brightened my life and that of my friends.  Keep singing, you have a great gift! Bless you and thank you!   Sara Ferris


Tamara Rogers

I just saw the Choir sing Happy on You Tube.  I wanted to commend you for what you are doing in the lives of these young minds.  It was so great to see the positive things that you are doing in your community.

Thanks for sharing,


To All Concerned

To all concerned,
 My heart was lifted at seeing the young people perform. Our future is so important right now.
 I can only offer my prayers in support of your efforts. May God Richly Bless you!


From South Carolina!

Hey from South Carolina!
I am a teacher in Clemson, SC at Edwards Middle School.  Our seventh
graders just finished two days of state testing in writing proficiency,  and
we were so HAPPY to be through!  I played your HAPPY video to all 130
of my students during the day.  We were all smiling  and clapping  and


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DAAS CHOIR performs at Cinderella Castle in Disney World

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Latest Choir on Ellen Degeneres Show

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It is my pleasure on behalf of the Detroit Academy of Arts and Sciences Board of Directors, our administrative team and instructional staff to welcome you to the DAAS website.  Through this vehicle, it is our hope to share with our parents and interested community the many exciting and innovative educational options that are available to students in this district. 

Here at DAAS, we embrace an empowering vision created by our founder, Rev. Jim Holley, Ph.D. This vision includes superior learning and developing an environment that expands beyond instruction to include artistic development which taps into the interests, gifts and talents of our student body.   

It is our plan to expand our students’ exposure to world languages, which will include Japanese, Arabic, French and Spanish. Our focus on the core curriculum will be supported by the newest technology in instructional practice and will include interactive smartboards, laptop computers, ipods, ipads and virtual learning experiences. Our Media Centers and Libraries will provide state of the art settings in which students will have the opportunity to learn at their own pace and style.  We are committed to excellence and to making a difference in the lives of the children we serve.   

Through the pictures and narrative that follow, you will see a snapshot of the excellent educational program that is, or can be, part of your child’s future -- everything from science laboratories and computer labs to the visual arts and athletics.  

You will also experience in these pages the many talents exhibited by our students in our performing arts department.  Our choir is well recognized in the city and has been invited to perform at many community events. Similarly, our Marching Band is nationally recognized and has received numerous awards acknowledging both their talent and performance skills.  Our dedicated and competent staff is consistently and diligently working to utilize the latest technology in learning and instructional practice, and to instill the values and beliefs that can lead our students to successful futures.

We trust that you will embrace our vision, partner in our mission and support our goals and objectives.  We invite you to join us as we prepare the leaders of tomorrow. 

If you have any questions or concerns that you wish to share with the Board, please feel free to contact the Board Office. 

Your partner in Education,

Maurice G. Morton
Detroit Academy of Arts & Sciences